A Petersham Renovation…  future-thinking homeowners get what THEY want

This forward-thinking couple turned the space under their federation-style, inner-Sydney home into a rentable unit which allows for the many scenarios that life throws at you:

Cashflow-neutral options for retirement living
– The owners could choose to live upstairs in the main house or in the unit – renting either space would significantly contribute to the costs of running the whole home. (With this in mind, extra sound-privacy insulation was a feature of this project.)
– Energy and water-efficiency features will mitigate the cost of running the house into the future (and are cost neutral after 4-5 years).

‘Universal design’ elements improve resale value and liveability in the event of illness
– Wheelchair accessibility in the bathroom and kitchen design;
– Wheelchair-friendly design of the driveway and house-to-garden access; and
– ‘Easy open’ features throughout ensure than a person with any level of physical ability will be comfortable in this home.

In Sydney, there are many layers of undocumented, poorly understood development. Our decades of Sydney home-building experience is the key to avoiding damaging your asset AND your neighbours’ homes.

This home suffered rising damp, aging pipes and cracking brickwork… ‘normal’ features of older homes which must be remedied to avoid further damage. There was some work to be done!


“Anthony and Paul really heard what we wanted. Jody (the foreman) did the same and never said “no” to us. He’d say: “we can try” and then when he showed me or explained the detail, we’d go back to their recommendations. It is a respectful way of ‘managing’ us, and really helped us make the best possible decisions.”

“A major element of the contract is trust… trust that the builders are telling you the truth about cost, about time, about the pros and cons of a chosen product or feature. On the whole, my husband and I believed that we could trust Classic Quarters and I don’t remember a time that we felt let down. Although we had a couple of times where we disagreed over what was said or what was recommended or how we would proceed, those matters were always resolved in a positive way, in a timely way and to our satisfaction.”

Recycled Materials
We recycled bricks, timbers and retained other items for future reuse.

recycling bricks

from deck to kitchen during build

Recycling bricks was slightly cheaper than buying new.



Recycled plantation timbers were simply resurfaced to bring light, colour as well as a clear conscience to the upstairs living area.











Recycled kitchen elements in the flat downstairs.



Aging pipe segments form a quirky herb gardenOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


“Water Tight, Right Light”…. How our builders invest time & money

#1 Water & Moisture Control: this subfloor drying system has a backup battery so mould doesn’t take hold on either stored items or human health. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We installed the shiny material under the floorboards to improve thermal insulation, saving on electricity bills.






Drainage systems contribute to managing rising damp.





#2 Get the Light Right

Natural daylight levels are high due to the shutters, large windows and high ceilings, reducing the need for artificial lighting with fittings selected for their low energy use.
• Passive heating and cooling through shutters and curtains.
• Noise minimisation through door/window selections and extra subfloor insulation.

This renovation was designed to get the owners closer to cashflow-neutral retirement living while maintaining the Federation aesthetic in a framework of environmentally sustainable design.

Through this project, the husband and wife development team demonstrated that sustainability design can contribute to achieving cashflow-neutral living options.

Classic Quarters is proud to be constantly increasing its knowledge of sustainable materials and techniques in line with client demand for sustainable homes.

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