“We have 4 children and no room to move. We have this enormous home but we can’t seem to make it work for us. We have all this land but our home is too small. We need to renovate the whole home but we can’t move out.”

After agreeing on a design we sat down with our clients and worked out a solution to overcome these issues. We agreed to renovate the main bathroom first then the en-suite therefore always leaving the client with a bathroom to access.

Once these were completed we then moved to the Master Bedroom. These rooms were renovated in a certain order to enable the owners to occupy their home whilst the major works took place.

While our clients were safely tucked away in the front section of their home we began the major works of reinventing and transforming the rear section of the home into one our finest projects.

We encountered and overcome many obstacles on this home. Some of the issues we had to overcome were hand-excavation into rock, creating trenches through rock to divert the new sewer and stormwater pipes, adjoining a new roof with an existing roof while working over the children’s bedroom and cutting through existing sandstone footings to create doorways.

This is where an experienced builder and foreman prove their value.

“THE DECK”…. felt like it was always meant to be there. Tranquil, elegant, stunning, luxurious are all words that have been used to describe the focal point of this home.

Other notable inclusions to this home included Tumbled limestone bathroom floors, exquisite kitchen with server, gas fireplace with mantle, lower ground floor rumpus and laundry and off course the hardwood deck with paneled ceilings.

A big thank you to our clients for their patience and willingness to work with us to achieve a truly remarkable home.