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Top 7 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Sydney

The bathroom is one of the most complex parts of a house as space is often limited and technical constraints are strong. Any renovation project is therefore complicated, and it should be completed by bathroom renovation professionals. If you live in Sydney, Classic Quarters is definitely the right bathroom renovation specialist to work with.

For many people, the bathroom is the most important place in the house. It’s the magical place where you can relax and enjoy a little time on your own. The reason is simple – our lives have become more stressful than ever, and we all want our homes to be the most relaxing place in the world. The bathroom is a space that has evolved from a purely functional area (often outdoors), to an important space where water, light, heating and electrical appliances coexist. Modern bathrooms are now providing a true spa experience thanks to hydro massage showers and bathtubs, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and architectural innovations.

The renovation and decoration of the bathroom require imagination and building expertise. Here are the most important tips to consider.

1. The bathroom layout must be thoroughly thought out

The configuration of your bathroom is an important part of the renovation project and it should focus on a layout that meets the requirements of all family. A nice layout makes the best use of available space and it can make the difference between an ugly bathroom and a beautiful one. In most cases, the best decision is to minimise the toilet and emphasise the bathtub or shower by placing them opposite the door for a better first impression.

2. Check your plumbing before starting the actual renovation job

In case you choose a hydro massage shower, make sure the water pressure is sufficient. You don’t want to have a wonderful bathroom with an amazing hydro massage system and no water pressure. If it’s not, we can advise you on fixing it.

3. Make sure the electrical installation works properly

Electricity plays an important role, as good lighting is absolutely essential in a bathroom. If the electrical installation works fine, you will avoid future issues that can damage your bathroom. Considering water and electricity don’t get along, electrical appliances should not be accessible from the shower or from the tub in order to avoid accidents.

4. Choose your bathroom flooring carefully

Opt for a non-slip material to lower the risk of accidents. If you want to give the impression of a larger space, combine two colors. For small bathrooms it is better to use monochrome ceramic tiles.

5. Opt for a design that will last as fashions change

Most people choose atypical designs which may look like ‘bad taste’ in the future. The best choice is opting for a classic aesthetic…. Classic Quarters can help you with that!

6. Choose the right sink and faucet combination

The sink and the faucet weigh a lot in a bathroom’s look. You will be using them more than 3,000 times a year, so the quality should be top of mind when buying these bathroom items. Classic Quarters can guide you with suitable products for your individual bathroom renovation. In most cases, a self-rimming sink will do. It can very easily be installed and replaced. The faucet should match the towel bars, paper holders and robe hooks.

7. Choose the right bathtub

Due to its size, the bathtub is usually the focal point of the bathroom. The options are numerous – acrylic, porcelain, marble or fiberglass bathtubs. The right one for you has to fit your needs and the design direction you choose. If you don’t know what to choose, your bathroom renovation experts can give you all the explanations you need.

Bathroom renovation is a complex process. The good news is that Classic Quarters Group is here for all Sydneysiders who want to renovate their bathrooms.

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