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Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Kitchens are often the heart of homes, in both a functional and aesthetic way… it’s the place we share with our family and friends.

Did you know that the average time spent in the kitchen is one hour per day? That’s why you definitely have to feel great when entering yours.

A Functional Kitchen before Everything

Making the right choice in terms of kitchen renovation is not easy at all, as there are many possibilities and choosing between the different configurations can be tough: single wall, Galley, L-Shaped with/without Island, U-Shaped with/without Island, G-Shaped. Obviously, the kitchen’s layout should satisfy all the members of the family. Planning a functional modern kitchen means using creative and unconventional arrangements in order to maximize your space. If you have small rooms, creativity avoids wasted space.

Here are the most important types of kitchen designs in detail:

Single Wall kitchens are suitable for smaller rooms where furniture can be placed only on one wall. This is very common in small apartments, where the lack of space is a major problem.
The two line kitchen makes great use of all space available. A space of at least 1.20 meters between the two lines of the kitchen allows better access to the lower units.
The L-shaped kitchen is maybe the most versatile. Larger rooms even allow a dining table in the middle.
The U-shaped kitchen is safe and functional. This layout allows multiple comfortable workspaces, as well as generous storage solutions.

Kitchens with cooking island are ideal for large and open areas.

Create a kitchen that represents your personality

You can unleash your imagination and create the kitchen of your dreams. Make sure you choose colors you will like a few years later. Green will give a note of freshness to your home; brown combined with lighter shades give a contemporary style to your kitchen, while a white kitchen becomes very stylish. The other issue to consider is whether your colour and material choices will ‘date’ your home making it less saleable.

The key to a successful kitchen renovation lies in good planning. Dealing with a professional in renovating kitchens such as Classic Quarters will ensure effective planning of your new kitchen. A professional company like ours has the expertise to come up with something that will meet both your needs and budget.

The analysis of your needs is essential for an effective planning. Your new kitchen will be more pleasant if spaces, traffic and storage are properly planned.

Materials for the floor and cabinets must be chosen carefully, so that they reflect your personality and lifestyle. Some materials require more maintenance than others and some are not suitable for families with young children.

Classic Quarters is a Sydney-based company that can help you renovate your kitchen, making sure the best decisions will be taken.

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