Steps in the Building Process

Wondering what the steps are from concept to completion?

1. First, the idea of your renovation or new home is formed. You can contact Classic Quarters Group now to discuss your renovation or new build. We can refer you to draftspeople, architects and other industry experts. However, we are not able to comment on ‘over/undercapitalising’ or give other market opinions.

2. Once your drawings are complete, we can provide a cost-to-build. Please note that sometimes Councils apply conditions in your Development Application or Complying Development Certificate that will impact your quote. Also, if a significant period of time has elapsed between quotation and construction, material & labour cost increases will be passed on via your final quote.

3. Once we have agreed on the final quotation, features, inclusions and quality of finish, Classic Quarters Group will organise for a private certifier to approve the plans and give us the go-ahead to commence works. At this point, you pay a deposit to fund the labour and materials needed for early works.

4. You will be guided in making decisions in a timely manner and your quoted ‘site meeting time’ will be used to confirm your decisions, explain the build and keep you in the loop of the project’s progress. Please note that no insurance company will cover you if you ‘drop in’ to the site unescorted. Safety first! So please realise that builders operate in a very highly regulated environment so we will be giving you procedures and rules to follow.

5. As Progress Payments are made and your project comes together in front of your very eyes, you may experience anxiety about your decisions…. this is normal. We will steer you to choices of materials and fittings that are classic in design because we want you to achieve your aesthetic goals and any resale targets.

We want our work to be “CLASSIC”… judged over time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.” Oxford Dictionary

Please Contact Us to either discuss any of the steps or/and your ideas for your project.