Sydney Kitchen Renovation Guide

The kitchen is high-traffic space which is also a center of social and family time. This area of the home must be well organised, practical and cozy. You should feel extremely comfortable when cooking for friends or family and never overwhelmed by a too sophisticated or impractical design. Here are a few things everyone should have in mind when opting for a kitchen renovation.


Just as in any other renovation project, research is an important first step. The first thing is to understand your own preferences for function and aesthetic.When you thinking about your kitchen and what you’d like it to include, think about what is lacking in your current kitchen. Write a list of your ‘must haves’ and a ‘wish list’ so you can work through them as you plan and design your new kitchen with Classic Quarters Group. This could be a built-in dishwasher so it looks like another cupboard or a double sink, maybe you’d like built-in spice racks or a coffee machine? Remember this is your kitchen so it should be just like you and your family would like it.

Once you have clear ideas, take it to kitchen renovation specialists and get costings. If you live in Sydney and find a company such as Classic Quarters Group, everything in this stage is easy. We will always advise you to take a costing to your financial planner – if you spend $25-$50,000 on this element, what will the increase in the value of your home be? Then make a decision on budget.


A kitchen renovation project must follow a strict plan, as otherwise you risk getting lost in the details. The best solution is hiring specialists, as it is more convenient. Choosing to take care of such a project on your own can result in you spending a ridiculous amount of time figuring out how to solve various problems that you have no experience in solving such as waterproofing, engineering or lighting plans. Let someone else have the worries so you can concentrate on your family and worklife!

Combine simplicity and aesthetics

The ideal kitchen design is the one that combines both simplicity and aesthetics. A simple design may include old fashioned furniture OR modern appliances and cabinets that can be easily integrated in any space without losing the simplicity of the design. The new trend is definitely the minimalist yet fully equipped kitchen. The minimalist appearance is a design trick, as most objects are not exposed, which creates an illusion of simplicity. This way the storage space is very well organised, making cooking a great daily experience.

Classic Quarters Group makes kitchen renovation simple and hassle free for all Sydney renovators.