Building a Terrace Home in Sydney

Classic Quarters Group is a terrace home building company in Sydney, always looking for new ways to optimise the costs and the comfort of the buildings we create, all the while building you a fantastic and high quality home or renovation to your existing home.

Building a terrace home in Sydney is something most people in the world only dream about. The city is one of the most beautiful in the world, and is an important financial element in Australia’s national economy. Sydney is a wealthy and prosperous city and the quality of life is higher in only a few places on the globe. Sydney actually ranks #8th in Quality of Life Index for 2012, which says a lot about the advantages of having a home in here. It is the perfect place to build a home, have a family, work and live.

Some people are still unsure about whether it is best for them to buy a renovated terrace home or to buy one that is either in need of renovation or that has potential.

Some advantages of being able to build or renovate your own terrace include:

  • You can have total control on the construction materials. This is maybe the most important advantage in building your own terrace house. You’ll have the chance that very few have – choosing the roof, the bricks, the flooring, the colors, the tiles, the bathtub, the windows and doors for example.
  • You can also have a discussion about the layout with your architect. This will allow you to design a layout that best suits you, your family and your lifestyles needs. By building or renovating your own terrace, it also allows you the choice of selecting your own fixtures and fittings so they fit your taste and not the old owners.
  • Finally, selecting a terrace home often means you get a home that has some fantastic original charm (should you choose to keep it) and most terraces are within immediate proximity to the city which suits many people.

Be careful to choose a builder with a proven history in this specialised type of renovation… failures can lead to problems with neighbours, an unlivable home, lower resale potential. Key issues to study are water ingress (eg from dilapidation) and egress (eg from neighbouring sites), rising damp in the structure, understanding of privacy and overshadowing… there is a long list of things that can go wrong on a terrace renovation that you must educate yourself in.¬†With a wealth of experience throughout the Sydney area, Classic Quarters Group offers a complete solution in planning and constructing high quality terrace homes. Our professionalism and experience save clients money, time and stress.

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