Build the House of Your Dreams in Sydney

Sydney is an amazing city and building your own house here is a dream for many people. Here are a few things for those that want to build their own home in the near future. Even before seeking the services of an architect, you should put your ideas in order and outline the future design of your dream house. This way you will have a starting point in your discussions with the architect.

Family members and their age

This is the most important thing you should consider when choosing for your home’s architecture. If you have young children, you can opt for a larger kitchen and dining room. If your parents live with you, you can also consider a granny flat in your design. An important consideration is how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need.

Family lifestyle

If you like to spend a lot of time with family, then your living room should be larger and comfortable, so that there is space for everyone to be together or to have space for their hobbies. A time-consuming job means you should consider a home office. This way you won’t have to disturb others by working in your bedroom or living room. If somebody in the family has a hobby that takes space or makes a lot of noise, you should consider that too. A rehearsal room is great for musicians, while a workshop is ideal for carving or carpentry amateurs.


The cardinal orientation of your house is not something you can ignore. The rooms where you will be spending more time should definitely not be facing north. Most people actually prefer having their living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens facing east. This way you can enjoy natural light in the morning, which will make you feel wonderful. Scientists have found that retinal cells signal the brain when natural light hits your eyes in the morning, leading to a more natural ‘waking up’ process that is less stressful than awaking in the dark. What better way to start each day?

Home as a destination

This is an factor you should keep in mind especially when it comes to investments. Most people don’t want to invest a lot of money on a holiday property, realising that they won’t be spending that much time there. If you want your home to feel like a sanctuary, a preferred destination where you can ‘holiday at home’, this will impact your design. No matter the decision, you and your family must be thrilled with your new house.

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